Intruder Alarm Installation & Maintenance

A leading company in security systems Hay Security provides every type of intruder alarms for both commercial and residential premises. After a free site survey at your premises we discuss with our customers the best options about product choices.   Both wireless and wired alarm systems have different benefits. Wireless alarm systems score a little more than other types of home security systems. Here is a brief list of the advantages of wireless alarm setups over wired alarm systems:

Easy Installation:
Wireless alarm systems don’t need any wiring throughout the length and breadth of a building. Installation of any ducts to hide and carry the wires is not necessary like in hardwired home alarm systems. Sensors are placed in vulnerable areas without wiring.

Cost effectiveness: A wireless alarm setup is relatively less expensive without the cost of cables and wiring.

Aesthetic appeal: Wireless systems are unobtrusive, and do not spoil the look of your interiors.

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